Engineering at Scale: Supporting a 100+ Person Team

Griffins' talk


Back in November of 2016, I gave a talk at the New York Startup CTO Summit.  The Nasdaq hosted the event and it was aimed Startup Engineering Leaders running growing, global scale, companies. With an impressive speaker lineup,  including leaders from such companies as Blue Apron, MongoDB, Shopify and Betterment, it was quite an honor. Additionally, speaking in front of a 150 of my peers from around the globe was terrifying.

I wanted to approach the talk from what I thought was a fresh angle. I decided not to focus on what happens to a technology team as it grows and scales. There’s a lot of resources about that from people much smarter than me. Instead I chose to focus on what happens to you continue to move from engineer to leader and the mental & emotional toll that it can take on you. I was hoping to shed some light on topics that are not frequently discussed.


Giving the talk was a lot of fun. I want to thank Jeff Miller, Jenn Dudley, Alan Zoppa and Eric Brooke from the Enova Software Engineering team for making the trip and for their support giving the talk. A big thank you to Peter Bell of the CTO Connection for the invitation. The video can be found here:

Engineering at Scale: Running a 100+ Person Team